Cover Reveal: FEARLESS by Elizabeth SaFleur

Sarah’s life of rigid control is nearly shattered by two men—one who wishes to submit to her, the other who might break her.Fearless, an all-new sexy standalone in the Elite Doms of Washington Series from Elizabeth SaFleur is coming February 26th, and we have the gorgeous new cover!
Sarah Marillioux fled back to DC after a weekend of reckless, delicious, impetuous passion in London with fellow Dominant, Steffan Vidar. Two years later, Sarah has re-established her life of discipline and rigid control until Steffan reappears to threaten her status quo of relegating all romantic encounters to a dungeon. He's moved to DC and, with him, is Laurent Chacon, Steffan's angelic submissive—a mixture of masculine strength and aching vulnerability. Together they will bring her carefully constructed world crashing down around her. It would almost be worth it to have Laurent. The problem is, she'd have to take Steffan, too.
Pre-order your copy today!Amazon: Amazo…

Review: Next In Line

Next In Line by Amy Daws
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Next In Line is a no holds barred takeover of your very heart and soul. It will push your boundaries and try your patience. There is no half way with this story. You are either fully in or you are too scared to risk the only thing you have of value – your heart. What is the use of only half living? It will leave you devastatingly bitter and completely unfulfilled. I dare you to step out of your comfort zone and risk your heart on something that could be incredibly beautiful.

I never in a million years expected to have the privilege to savor such a breathtaking masterpiece! Amy Daws has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has what it takes to step up and take her place among the masterful elite of the romance world. She knows how to grab your attention and suck you in with ingenious mastery of precious words and powerful emotions. She will draw out every emotion possible while gently leading you down the path of ever c…

Review: Gage

Gage by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bad Boys for Hire: Gage is a story that left me breathless, hopeful, and wearing the biggest smile ever. This book contains hard-hitting topics, and it will not let you off the hook easy. You will find yourself fighting alongside the incredible characters until the very end. Nothing worth having is ever easy to obtain, and it will require all the strength, determination, and fight that you can gather from your heart, mind, and soul. What you find at the end will surprise and delight, but do you have the heart to stay the course and cross the finish line?

Sherelle has always been the sensible one. Always the voice of reason, she has steered her friends and family to sanity whenever they have lost their way. She never imagined that she would need to be steered to shore by her heart instead of her sharp mind. That never made sense to her until she found herself at the precipice of losing everything she held dear but never acknowle…

Review: False Start

False Start by Meli Raine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

False Start is a powerful and stunning journey of love and hope like no other. It will strike fast and sink you slowly into its deep mire of misfortune and fate. Don’t close your eyes too long because you might not only miss out on the truth that is desperate to hide, but also on the best gifts that life gives us that can only be found at the other end of misfortune and pain. If you can hold onto one truth to keep your heart afloat in the wicked storm ahead, it would be that the power of words is the key to our survival, determination, and persistence to take one step at a time.

Lily continues to be handed the short of the every stick that she finds. While she holds no ill will towards Jane whose identity started the downward spiral of her life, she longs to find reason and above all hope to keep pushing always forward. One unexpected glimmer of hope she does find is Duff. He is much more than he seems and yet so hidden out …

The Executive by K.I. Lynn - Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: January 30, 2019
Cover Design: Lori Jackson Design
She's just a tool, and I'll ruin her, because I need to. 
From the moment I first saw her, Ivy Prescot has been a bad idea. Strong willed, beautiful, intelligent--she is my perfect storm. The attraction is palpable, undeniable.

The problem is she’s the assistant to the CEO of a hundred-million dollar company.

She’s my assistant.

The other problem? She was previously the assistant to my rival and the man I have sworn to destroy at all costs.

I need her to achieve my goal, but I will rip apart anyone that stands in my way.

In the game of crushing kings of men, I never planned on my heart being a sacrifice.

Everything is in motion, unable to be stopped. I can only hope that when the dust settles she will forgive me.

Excerpt (subject to slight changes)
The tyrant was back. I blamed the doctor’s appointment and lack of food and coffee. His mood was atrocious and I’d come so close to smacking that sneer from his …

Review: Dark Alpha's Awakening

Dark Alpha's Awakening by Donna Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark Alpha’s Awakening is truly a story that I have waited so very long to read! It is the culmination of not only a magnificent love that is no longer being denied but wholeheartedly embraced and savored, but it is also the no going back point for so many other important story points within Grant’s much larger story line for this this series and others that intertwine and parallel each other. Good things are happening as well as some not so good things, but both are leaving me in a lot of suspense for her next book! Her storylines never end with each book, but instead they build and blossom into something so much bigger than just one character’s story being revealed. I love these types of stories for you never truly say goodbye to a beloved character. Instead it is only a goodbye for now.

Cael has fiercely and quietly loved Erith for so many years that he has truly lost count. He serves her will and puts her…

Review: Rules of Submission

Rules of Submission by Leigh Lennon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rules of Submission will lay waste and demolish your heart. It will shred your soul and force you to face what you would normally gloss over. There is nothing easy about this story, but everything is real, genuine, and pure. This book has one all important point to make. It is a revelation of the power of two desperately shattered hearts when they are finally willing to surrender to the other in order to gift a control beyond measure, nurture a love worth dying for, and build a future that never existed until now. This book you hold in your hands is a saving grace to those that pass you every day on the street, in your workplace, and among your own friends. Never doubt the healing and transformative power of love.

Candace has lived a life of deep fear and incredible cruelty. Her life has left her with little more than her next breath. When she finds herself offered a shred of respect and protection, she begins to f…